Robbie The Ringmaster

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Robbie The Ringmaster

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Robbie the Ringmaster is a creation of Mark Pettey, professional performer in Naples, FL.  Mark began his study of magic and stage performing in the 1970′s studying with famed Canadian magician Martin Elz.  Mark performs for thousands of preschool age children every year all across south Florida, as well as doing shows for libraries, birthdays, scouts, school festivals, and more.  Robbie the Ringmaster’s performances are insured and child safe.  No live animals, sharp objects, or open flames are used in his shows.  If you want your young ones to have a belly laughing good time, Robbie is the one to call!

Typical Gig Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Robbie the Ringmaster performs all over south and southwest FLorida, and also in northen Alabama when available.  His many different theme shows have been seen and loved by thousands and thousands of young children.  See the embedded video for a sampling of the different types of shows available, and call today to check to see if Robbie can be a part of your next special event for children and families !

Stage/Setup Requirements:
8′ x 8′ performance area
One normal wall electrical outlet

Additional Notes:
Robbie needs and area of 8′ x 8′ to stage his curtain and props for the show.  Access to one normal wall electrical outlet is required.  Other than that, The Circus of Magic is self contained, and needs no  requirements other than children and families who like to laugh and have a good time !

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