Why Advertiste With SWFLBirthDayParty?

Simply Put – Because we will target the local SW Florida market and make your ads exclusive to this market via our highly search engine optimized website. We are not some national online directory that lists businesses just to list them. We have developed a highly SEO (search engine optimized) website that will pick up your Ad listings on our site including keywords you implement and tags you associate your listing with.

Our Listing Rates

We make advertising on SWFLBirthdayParty easy and affordable. You can easily sign up for our monthly plan with no committments and cancel any time or can decide to purchase our quarterly or annual plans that save you even more $$$.

$19.99 Monthly Subscription $44.99 Quarterly Subscription $119.99 Annual Subscription
  • $19.99 1 Month Campaign
  • No Risk/Cancel Anytime
  • Full Acces To Online Editor
  • Unlimited Photos, Links, Text
  • $44.99 Quarterly Campaign (4mths)
  • $15 Savings @ 14.99 per month
  • 3 Months plus 1 FREE Month
  • Includes All Monthly Plan Features
  • $119.99 Annual Campaign (13mths)
  • $120 in Savings @ $9.99 per month
  • 12 Months plus 1 FREE Month
  • Includes All Monthly Plan Features

Other Services

In addition to our core ad listing services, we do offer additional options you may want to consider to make your ad listing standout. As newer listings are published online, your listing will slowly begin moving to the bottom of that category listing. To ensure your listing is seen, you can add to your core listing services an additional service such as “always” being in the top main feature rotating banner of the home page or perhaps wanting a maximum exposure of having a spot reserved on the very top of our home page next to our logo of a 600×60 banner of your business.

To add these additional features, simply add them to your shopping cart and if you wish to have multiple months, just increaes the quantity option. The Rotating Main Feature Listing & Category Top Listing may not purchases by themselves (they must have a monthly, quarterly or annual plan attached). See below:

$299/YR 600×60 Banner (Top) $34.99 Rotating Main Feature Listing $9.99 Category Top Listing
  • Includes FREE Banner Design
  • Embedd Your Logo & Information
  • Social Media & Email Blasts
  • 1 Time Annual Fee
  • Additional $34.99 Each Month
  • Always in Top 5 Featured Banner on home page
  • Continuous Republishing to Social Networks
  • SEO Optimized
  • $9.99 Each Month
  • Always in top 3 of category listing
  • Social Network Promotion
  • SEO Optimized

We do offer other services that include affordable web design & development, hosting & print media design specifically for small businesses looking for quality work at valued prices. For more information, call us at: (239) 390-1184

How Does It Work

We ensured that our process is a seamless and efficient one.

1) You simply choose the plan (month, quarterly or annual) you would like to participate in including any of our additional services and follow through the checkout process via our PayPal shopping cart (see details). You do not need a paypal account to process the transaction. You can either choose to “checkout” using paypal or check out by simply entering your information and credit card information without registering with PayPal. Your information is processed secured via PayPal’s SSL encryption portal.

2) Once paypment has been processed and your transaction is complete, you will be redirected to our site confirmation page indicating we have received your request. You will then get two seperate emails. The first is an immediate email of your order transaction. The second will be your username, password & URL link to our advertising portal where you will be able to upload your listing, photos and all of the content you wish to publish. You will also be given instructions on how to navigate within the portal to upload your ad listing.

3) You will have the ability to add your listing to the category your business falls under via our editor and if you do not see your category listed, simply create it right there and then via our panel. You will have the ability to login anytime you wish to edit and update your listing to include any new upcoming promotions or coupons you would like to add for the duration of your purchased campaign.

4) If you purchased some of the additonal services that such as featuring your ad on main rotating banner on the home page or in the top 3 of our category listings, we will manually do that for you once we see your post has been uploaded.  If you purchased the 600×60 featured banner, you will receive in your 2nd email a form to fill out so that one of our representatives can call you to obtain your banner details (i.e. design, logo, message, colors, etc).

Note * If after receiving access to our portal and you need assistance in uploading your content, we are here to help. Just simply email us at: with all of your information (photos, links, text, etc) and will happily do it for you. Technical Support is always available M-F 9am-5pm (eastern time) at 239-390-1184, 5pm-Midnight (via our email) & Saturday and Sunday 24/7 via email. We are here with you every step of the way!!