Professor Patches Magic Show

Adriana Isabel July 25, 2011 0
Professor Patches Magic Show

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This 40 minute interactive comedy magic show gets everyone involved, not only as a group, but I get quite a few children up to help. My specialty is making it look like the magic is happening in their hands! It’s spectacular because it looks like the children are doing the magic – and they will garner all the applause!

Each child that comes up to help gets an Official Professor Patches Magician’s Assistant Certificate to take home with them, of course suitable for framing. This is a one-of-a-kind design which has become a collector’s item in the past few years.

Objects vanish and reappear, right before their eyes, and many times, right in their hands! Rocky the Raccoon, the life-like puppet, makes his entrance to perform several famous tricks and becomes a highlight of the show. This is a show-stopper that will have the kids talking for weeks.

The magic and laughter is nonstop and both the children and the adults will never forget this highly-acclaimed show. Every child receives the giant dollar bill that has the back side chock full of tricks they can learn to do themselves.

And for the younger children, each child additionally receives a Professor Patches Coloring Page, printed in just the perfect size for your refrigerator.

For Birthday Paries
The Birthday Child is the real star of the show. There’s a magical banner that unfurls into a special birthday message with the help of the star. Later, as the birthday child holds some special artwork, it tranforms in their hands into a keepsake you’ll treasure forever.

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