Laser Battle

Adriana Isabel July 24, 2011 0
Laser Battle


Who Are We?

Laser Battle is a completely portable Extreme Hybrid Sport that crosses paintball and laser tag! Laser battle is similar to laser tag, but with a more challenging twist. With locations in Texas and Florida, Laser Battle travels to any location in the USA.

Laser Battle is not “kiddish” like traditional laser tag and is an extreme sport for birthday entertainment for ages 8 and up. Avoid the pain and mess of paintball and keep the exhilaration by using the absolute best in Infrared Gun Technology. Laser Battle staff are highly trained in competitive events and determined to train players to the max, unlike in normal laser tag.

Events and parties will be run by Laser Battle staff, who are engaged the entire time with coaching the birthday party. Laser Battle isn’t confined to the indoors like normal laser tag is; birthday events can be held indoors or outdoors, day or night, inside or outside, in gymnasiums, community club houses, or in backyards. Laser Battle takes the stress off parents; just point us to the area to set up the birthday party event and kick back and relax!

Kids of all ages love the Laser Battle’s unique brand of entertainment crossing laser tag and paintball. Experience the extreme thrill of paintball without the mess and the versatility of laser tag without the “kiddish” experience.

Birthday parties and school events are catapulted into the highest level of extreme entertainment when Laser Battle is there. Laser Battle is designed to entertain EVERYONE who is there, not just the players but the peanut gallery as well, unlike traditional laser tag.

Better than laser tag and safer than paintball, have America’s Hottest New Extreme Sport at your college activities, ice breaker games, team building activity, or birthday party!

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