1stWishes Party Themes

Adriana Isabel July 25, 2011 0
1stWishes Party Themes

Celebrate Express is a leading catalog and online retailer of party supplies and costumes. We currently operate four brands: Celebrate Express (year-round party supplies for people of all ages), Birthday Express (children’s party supplies), 1st Wishes (first birthday party supplies) and Costume Express (Halloween costumes for children, teens and adults). Our goal is to help busy people celebrate the special moments in their children’s lives, and their own.

Celebrate Express has evolved from being the parent brand of Birthday Express, 1st Wishes and Costume Express, to operating as a stand-alone brand that offers year-round party supplies for people of all ages.

Birthday Express, our first brand, was built around the concept of offering a complete, accessorized product assortment for children’s birthday parties. Now the brand currently offers over 150 children’s party themes.

Next we introduced our 1st Wishes and Costume Express brands to expand and enhance our line of party products. 1st Wishes offers over 30 first birthday party themes, as well as whimsical gifts, decorations and high-quality clothing for that important first party. Costume Express offers over 4,000 costumes for Halloween and other year-round costume parties, plus a large assortment of costume accessories and Halloween decorations.

Through all four brands, we offer an extensive assortment of products in one convenient location, thus eliminating the time-consuming steps required to purchase products at multiple retail locations. Our ability to design and manufacture many of our own party products enables us to develop unique exclusive items and quickly react to consumer trends. We believe this combination of factors creates a more compelling shopping experience than traditional retail stores offer.

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